Upper Elementary


Bible & Reading

  • Bible

    Each school day begins with Bible class, a fun time of singing, working on scripture memory and hearing a dynamic Bible lesson. Weekly Chapel times are scheduled for 3rd – 6th grade that provide students with the privilege of working on special missions projects and exploring a Bible lesson together. Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend with their student.

  • Reading

    Building on the solid foundation of lower elementary, CCA’s outstanding reading program establishes an emphasis on reading comprehension. It builds independent, confident reading. The experienced faculty uses the BJ Press reading texts,workbooks, and additional novels to teach important reading strategies for a varity of reading genres.

Arithmetic & Language Arts

  • Arithmetic

    Arithmetic concepts are taught using the distinguished A Beka Curriculum. Students will continue to maintain skills in fundamental operations while expanding their understanding in the areas of fractions, measurements, algebraic equations, and geometry. Accuracy and speed are important components of elementary arithmetic.

  • Language Arts

    Studies in language arts include spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing skills. A solid incremental study of the parts of grammar is taught alongside a variety of writing projects.

Other Activities

  • Science and Social Studies

    These subjects are an exciting part of the school day. Students explore the world through the lens of scripture giving specific attention to animals, plant life, astronomy, biology and a wide range of topics. Students are given opportunities to have hands-on experience through field trips (Old Salem – third grade, Raleigh- fourth grade, and Washington or Charleston -fifth & sixth grade) and through on campus enrichment activities. (such as Discovery Place workshops and Hands-On Science classes).

  • Music

    Weekly music classes expose students to fun songs, orchestra instruments, and are an integral part of preparation for school productions.

  • Library & Computer Lab

    The CCA Elementary Library and Computer Lab provide opportunities for students to enhance their classroom reading and learn several fundamental computer skills.

  • Physical Education

    Students practice the skills necessary to succeed in the Presidential Fitness Program. The Physical Fitness Test recognizes students for their level of physical fitness in 5 events: curl-ups or partial curl-ups, shuttle run, endurance run/walk, pull-ups or right angle push-ups, and V-sit or sit and reach. The Physical Fitness Test offers three awards for students who meet the program qualifications.

  • Spanish

    Students enjoy expanding their vocabulary in Spanish through songs and games.